people who love to eat are always the best people ~julia


who are we?

we like food. and we like to do that thing that people do every day, eat. we are definitely people who like to eat good food, and bring good food things to other people – people who like to gather and eat together:  the best kind of people!

our mission?

to conquer the world and cure cancer. just short of that, we aim to inspire people to be particular and aware about food and aware of their choices. we are self-proclaimed ambassadors of good taste and we aim to expand minds and liberate palates one hunger pain at a time…one cup of coffee at a time.

what about YOU?

if you want a place that takes care of the messy, complicated cooking stuff so you don’t have to and if you seem to like to eat great food & drink uncommonly good coffee, gather in a nice, comfortable place, then there’s a great chance you’ll love our bistro.


eating good food at c’est la vie bistro MAY be known to:

* increase feelings of euphoria
* improve your french
* reduce pain related to prolonged hunger
* boost willpower
* stimulate conversation and bolster popularity
* lead to gregariousness